BN1 Popular Hairbrush from Mason Pearson (Dark Ruby)

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The BN1 'Popular Bristle and Nylon' brush by Mason Pearson is the largest brush size, specifically designed to cleanse, detangle, and revitalise normal to thick long hair.

The brush features a mix of ethically sourced boar bristles and nylon with eight rings of tufts on a rubber cushion pad that offer maximum distribution of the hair’s natural, nourishing oils while stimulating blood circulation in the scalp. The ultimate secret to strong, shiny, lustrous hair.

Handcrafted in England with more than 130 years of craftsmanship, using the innovative techniques of pioneer Mason Pearson.Created to last a lifetime, and carefully designed with a smooth hand-finished handle that is perfectly weighted to ensure optimal comfort during use.

Included in the purchase is a cleaning brush to help you keep its pristine condition. To use, simply pass the cleaning brush across the pad of your hairbrush and through its bristles, and repeat until clean and free of hair.


Normal to thick long hair.