In 1885 Mr. Mason Pearson founded the company, that still to this day proudly bears his name. The beautiful and elegant design turns everyday brushing into a luxurious experience, and thanks to the supreme quality, these brushes will last you a lifetime. A handmade cushion holds precisely spaced natural boar bristles and nylon brushes that gently massages the scalp, stimulates follicles, and distributes sebum to create a gorgeous, healthy gloss. The incomparable Mason Pearson brushes are an insider secret that been passed down over the years and they are loved by hair stylists, celebrities, and the fashion elite around the world.



The Mason Pearson hairbrushes are made to suit a variety hair types and lengths, so there is something to suit every set of hair. There are a few things you need to consider when finding a Mason Pearson brush; your hair type & needs, the size of the brush and which color you prefer. Below is a little guide to help you find the right brush to be your life companion. 



For fine to normal hair-  we generally recommend pure bristle tufts

For normal to thick or long hair– we generally recommend the mixed bristle and nylon tufts

For detangling– if you need a brush to detangle wet hair we generally recommend pure nylon tufts

For sensitive, thinning and very fine hair – we generally recommend the delicate, sensitive SB3

For children– Mason Pearson has developed the gentle CB4 brush especially for children

For men – Mason Pearson has created the handy Military series



Besides identifying your hair type, it is important to choose the correct size for ease and comfort of use. A rule of thumb; the longer the hair, the bigger the brush is required. The bigger brushes have bigger tufts and therefore make it faster and more effective to brush the hair.



In the Mason Pearson brush collection, we have 4 different colors to choose from; ivory, blue, pink, dark ruby and wood. 



Cleaning your Mason Pearson brush is very important to keep it in a good condition. All the larger Mason Pearson brushes comes with a cleaning brush, for pocket size brushes a cleaning brush can be purchased. Dry clean it frequently by running a comb gently through the bristles to pull out loose hair. Then use the provided cleaning brush to loosen oils and styling products residue from the pad of the hair brush.


Wash the brush occasionally. Start by dry cleaning, as described above. Then fill a sink part way/a bowl full, add a few drops of gentle hand soap and lather. Do not use detergent, shampoo, ammonia-based cleaners or petroleum-based products for cleaning the brush. Dip the cleaning brush, NOT the hairbrush, in soapy water. Hold the hairbrush upside down with the bristles facing downward, and gently brush the bristles with the wet cleaning brush. Rinse off the cleaning brush in pure water, and repeat cleaning with soapy water. When the entire brush is clean, finish up by shaking the hairbrush to remove excess moisture and leave it to dry with the handle upward and the pad pointing downwards. Never soak the Mason Pearson brush and never use a towel to dry the bristles.